Before the majestic mountains of Aspen, Colorado, walking with my favorite camera, a woman nearby happened to comment on the intensely beautiful scenery that had us both captivated. She looked at my camera and then to the surrounding. “You must be a landscape photographer. Mother Nature is truly a beautiful subject.” Replying to her that indeed as beautiful as nature was, it was quite incomparable to the beauty of the human face… the subtly nuances created by a person’s eyes, their idiosyncratic gestures, and signature smiles.

I have a true passion and affinity for photographing the human face. I see both the subtle and pronounced moments of spontaneity that capture the subject’s true essence. Recording these fleeting moments on film is my passion.

Having a strong background in photojournalism, telling a story by means of pictures accustoms me to forge a bond, a trust to capture the subject’s humanity. Documenting a most special occasion such as wedding is a natural extension of my work. Storytelling by images is so evocative, poignant and memorable. I find it deeply satisfying. It would be an honor for me to provide you with an album that will be historical possession for your newly created family.

Josef S. Isayo, holding a B.A. in Photojournalism and Sociology from Long Beach State, has worked in editorial, fine art and wedding photography all over the world. His work has been published in some of the most prestigious publications both nationally and abroad.